Decoding the Subtext
Sherlockian Theory
Canon Companions

General Links: The definitive source for all things Sherlock Holmes.

221B Baker Street: Complete online version of Canon, with original illustrations.

Slash Links:

Sacrilege: One of the largest collections of Sherlock Holmes slash available on the web.

Lyra's Holmes/Watson slash links: Complete with fanfiction recommendations and an up to date list of what's new in the H/W community.

Cox & Co.: The entry page for the livejournal community of the same name.

Slash Cotillion: Muli-fandom slash archive, with a large Sherlock Holmes section.

However Improbable: Newer archive with fanfiction, monograms and a gallery.

Holmes Slash: Yahoo group (age restricted) that focuses primarily on Holmes slash.

Adult Fanfiction: Multi-fandom archive, with a large Sherlock Holmes section.

Briabrae: Comprehensive resources for Holmesian slashers.


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