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Pastiche is a form of imitation. Despite Doyle having written some sixty odd stories (more if one includes his own pastiches) which feature the Great Detective, audiences were far from satiated. So great, in fact, was their desire for more, that several authors (aside from Doyle) took up their pens to created new Sherlock Holmes stories. These works are referred to as pastiches, as, often, they not only borrow Doyle's character, but his writing style as well. Again, it is my goal to read every pastiche ever published. Reviews can be found in reverse chronological reading order.

Each review is accompanied by a rating system. This rating system is indicated by pipes, with five pipes given for highly recommended books, and one pipe given for mediocre books. Here ratings are based on several criteria, those being: plausibility, style adaptation, faithful use of characters, general interest, and readability. Slash factors have also been examined.
The West End Horror, by Nicholas Meyer (1976)

The 7% Solution, by Nicholas Meyer (1974)
Bert Coules, Further Adventures (2004)
BBC Cult Presents: Sherlock Holmes

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