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It is my eventual goal to listen to every Sherlock Holmes inspired radio dramatization ever made. Obviously, this may take a while. As I listen these dramatizations, I will be reviewing each of them. Here they have been listed in reverse chronological listening order. I may, at a later date, organize these according to reverse chronological production order.

Each review is accompanied by a rating system. This rating system is indicated by pipes, with five pipes given for highly recommended dramatizations, and one pipe given for mediocre dramatizations. It should be noted that my primary interest in all Sherlock Holmes adaptations is the slash element contained within each. As such, each review will contain a detailed examination of the subtextual elements found within the dramatization. Ratings are based entirely on this slash element.

Bert Coules' BBC Series (1989-1998)
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939-1946)
Bert Coules, Further Adventures (2004)
BBC Cult Presents: Sherlock Holmes

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