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Canon eventually gave way to a field of study which is simply known as Sherlockian (or Holmesian, for those in the UK) scholarship. Sherlockians devote much of their life to analyzing Canon and presenting theories which fit within Canon. Most of these works have been published. It is my goal to read all of them, and as I do I will be reviewing each according to the theories and analysis put forth, their relevance, and their plausibility. Sherlockian Theory reviews are listed in reverse-chronological reading order (i.e. latest reviews at the top of the list).

Each review is accompanied by a rating system. This rating system is indicated by pipes, with five pipes given for highly recommended works, and one pipe given for mediocre works.

In the Footsteps of SH, by Michael Harrison
The Private Life of SH, by Vincent Starrett
Baker Street By-ways, by James Edward Holroyd
SH of Baker Street, by William Baring-Gould

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